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Open letter to Google: Please make everyone aware of the dangers of the Stop Online Piracy Act

Merk: Denne teksten er mer enn ett år gammel. Jeg kan ikke garantere at alt som står her fremdeles er riktig eller det jeg mener. Les likevel og skriv en kommentar om du lurer på noe! English: Old post, might be outdated.

I recently sent this message to Google, asking them to do even more to protect the internet from the disaster that is SOPA. I hope you will send them your own message too. You’ll find out how here.

Dear Google,

I know you don’t like to mess with your front page, and I understand that very much indeed. But as you are painfully aware, the US government are now very close to implementing a bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), that would severely break the internet, and thus be a huge burden for you and anyone else trying to make a living off of the internet. Many of these other people use your AdSense system.

Thank you for fighting this in the US legal system!

The problem is that even though you are fully aware of this, and so can fight it, most people are not. The big media companies are owned by the companies that want to see this bill go through. Thus they do not talk about it at all, except for trough factually incorrect, propaganda like advertisements.

You have a unique possibility to make more people than anyone else aware of the trough facts about this bill. About how it will let any private company censor whatever website they don’t like, and financially kill any company by blocking any monetary transactions to them.

You some times add one sentence on your front page about Chrome or Android. These are important for your business, but surely the survival of the free and open internet as we know it today is vastly more important? Please add just one sentence, with a link to more info, about SOPA to your front page and help save the internet.

Yours, with hope for a better future, not worse,

PS: Here is a pro SOPA ad being aired on TV in the US:

PPS: This is one of the ways SOPA will affect you. Short story even shorter: Anything you’ve ever put online (photos, videos, text) can disappear with no warning.


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