Creative Commons, permissions, and what to reply

Merk: Denne teksten er mer enn ett år gammel. Jeg kan ikke garantere at alt som står her fremdeles er riktig eller det jeg mener. Les likevel og skriv en kommentar om du lurer på noe! English: Old post, might be outdated.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a guy who wanted to use one of my photos for a personal project. He sent the e-mail to ask for my permission, even though the photo (like all my photos) is licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that as long as you follow the rules, you don’t have to ask permission.

Of course I don’t mind him letting me know he wants to use it, but I have heard that those with more skills than me are sometimes overwhelmed by unnecessary e-mails asking for permission to use something that they are already free to use.

Therefor I think it would be a good idea to collaborate on a proper reply e-mail to send to those asking permission to use Creative Commons licensed works.

Here is what I replied. What do you think about it, and what do you normally reply? Let’s create a better reply together!


I really appreciate that you want to use my photo, and that you let me know about it. Thank you!

Just to let you know: Notice that the photo in question is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. That means that you can indeed use it for your personal use, without even asking for permission. All you have to do is follow the rules mentioned here (linked to from the sidebar on the Flickr photo page):

So use both this, and any other Creative Commons licensed photo (or other work), for your personal use without asking permission in the future. But it is always polite to let the creator know about it, so please keep doing that.

Thanks, and enjoy! :)

If you have any questions about Creative Commons please read about it on the following website, or feel free to ask me!

I license this reply under a CC0 license. Feel free to use it, or your derivative of it, without attributing me.